In your Dashboard, you might find an amount of money with the status ‘Not ready for payout’. We did receive this amount, but we can’t transfer the amount to your bank account yet. There are 4 possible reasons for this:

1. Account not fully verified

Your account hasn’t been verified to receive payouts yet. We can’t make payouts until your account has been completely verified. The last step of the verification process, checking your additional information, is initiated when you receive your first payment and generally takes 1 business day. If your payout frequency is set to daily, your first payout is scheduled to occur while your account is still being verified. The amount of this payout gets the status ‘Not ready for payout’ until the verification process is completed.

You can find more information about creating and activating an account with Mollie here.

2. The payment method has a delayed payout frequency

Some payment methods, such as credit card, SOFORT Banking and SEPA Direct Debit, are paid out with a delay of a few business days. You can find all available payout frequencies here.

3. Payments are paused

The frequency of your payouts has been set to pause. To undo this paused payment frequency select another frequency, like 'monthly' or 'twice a week'. You can change the payout frequency via Settings >> Payouts in your dashboard.  



4. Minimum outpayment amount

The amount we received is lower than the minimum payout amount. This amount will stay in your Mollie account until it reaches your minimum payout amount (or tops it). Then we will transfer the total amount into your bank account, based on your payout frequency. You can change the minimum outpayment amount via Settings >> Payouts in your dashboard.  



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