How do I link Mollie to a CCV Shop?

In order to add all payment methods to your CCV Shop, you have to make sure they are activated in both your Mollie account and in CCV Shop. Below we will explain how to do this.

1. Go to the Mollie integration in the CCV Shop App Store and install the app.

2. You will receive an email from CMDC (our integration partner) with login details for the environment where you need to add the live API key. You can find the API key in your Mollie DashboardUse the test API key if you first would like to make a test payment.


3. Go to ‘Start > My webshop > Settings > Order process and stock > Payment methods’ and select the payment methods you would like to offer.

4. Go to ‘Payment methods’ in your Mollie Dashboard and log in.  

5. Enable the same payment methods as in CCV Shop. If you don’t enable the same payment methods in your Mollie account, your customers won’t be able to pay with this payment method on your webshop.

Are you currently using an old integration? Then also follow the above steps and disable the payment methods in the old integration. To be sure, uninstall the old version of the integration.



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