VAT number check

To ensure that you filled out the correct VAT number (that belongs to your company), we perform a check with the tax authorities. We look up the number in the tax authorities' European database, the VIES.

When the number is indeed correct, your company name or one of your trade names pop up. If this company name matches the company name in your account we can confirm that the number is correct.

Proving that your VAT number is correct

It is possible that you just recently submitted a new trade name to the Chamber of Commerce that is not yet known to the tax authorities. This would make it impossible for us to confirm that the VAT number is correct. In that case, we will ask you to submit proof.

Proof would, for instance, consist of a letter or income tax form including your VAT number in combination with one of your trade names. Please make a copy and email it to We will then link this form to your account and approve the VAT number.

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