How can I make use of a once-only direct debit?

We do not offer once-only direct debit in our payment screen. You could, however, integrate this into your website via our Recurring API. In order to create a once-only direct debit, you take the following steps:

  1. Create a consumer via our Customers API.
  2. To create a direct debit payment, you need a valid mandate. Create it via a "first payment" or via our Mandates API for the consumer you just created. If you use the mandates API, you need to have a physically valid mandate or a digital mandate.
  3. Next, check whether the mandate is valid.
  4. Create a payment. Bear in mind that you have to add the parameter "sequenceType" and that the value is "recurring". See "Charging immediately on-demand" for how you can do this.

Even though the sequenceType is "recurring", the payment will be carried out only once. This is because you have to create a new payment every time. If you want to automate the process, then see our Subscriptions API.


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