In order to add all payment methods to your Shopify webshop, you have to make sure they are activated in both your Mollie account and in Shopify. Below we will explain how to do this. In the screenshots as of step 3, we will use the payment method ‘Bank transfer’ as an example, but you should repeat the steps for all payment methods you would like to activate.

1. Click on the payment method you would like to activate:

2. Log in with your Shopify account


3. Install the provider


4. Select ‘Choose alternative payment’

Please note: For credit card you need to select 'Choose third-party provider'.


5. Select the payment gateway


6. Fill out your Mollie Partner ID and Live API Key, and click on activate

Please note: When activating a payment method you will be asked for your Mollie ID. Only enter the numbers of your Mollie ID without '#', otherwise you will receive an error message.


The payment method has now been activated in your Shopify Checkout. Repeat these steps for every payment method you want to link to your webshop.

7. Go to ‘Payment methods’ in your Mollie account and enable the same payment methods as in Shopify

Please note: You can only offer the payment methods on your website that you have enabled in your Mollie account. If you select a payment method at Shopify that is not enabled in your Mollie account, you will receive an error.