In order to add all payment methods to your Shopify webshop, you first have to activate them in your Mollie account. You can do this in your account by going to the settings of your website profile. Next, you activate the payment methods in Shopify so that they appear in the checkout. This also allows you to directly refund the payments from within Shopify.


1. Activate the payment methods one by one via the following links:

Note: When activating a payment method you will be asked for your Mollie ID. Only enter the numbers of your Mollie ID without #, otherwise you will receive an error message.

2. Click on the button Add payment gateway in Shopify.


3. Fill out your Mollie Partner ID and Live API key, and click on Activate.


The payment method has now been activated in your Shopify Checkout. Repeat these steps for every payment method you want to link to your webshop.