All you have to do to link the payment system to your webshop is enter the API key from the Mollie account into Shopify. First off, make sure that you are logged in to Mollie and Shopify. Please note: this will only allow you to integrate iDEAL and Bancontact. Would you like to add other payment methods as well? Then read this article.

The linking process works as follows:

1. In your Mollie account, go to the settings of your website profile. Here you will find the Live API key. Click on the code to copy it. If you want to make a test payment first, copy the Test API key.


2. In Shopify, go to Settings and then Payments.

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3. You can activate iDEAL and Bancontact via Mollie via Select an additional payment method. You have to activate them one by one. in the example below, we set up the Bancontact payment method.

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4. So you select the option Bancontact via Mollie. Shopify will now ask you for the Mollie API key. You paste it into the input field and click on Activate.

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It works right away. Would you like to check it? Then place an order on your own website. Any questions? Then contact either us or Shopify.

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