How do I change my company information in my Mollie account?

You can only change most of your company information if you haven't received any transactions yet. Only your company name can sometimes be changed after receiving transactions. 


I have made an account and received transactions

Chamber of Commerce number, country of residence, or legal form

After receiving payments, it’s no longer possible to change these company details. Please make a new account to continue using our service. This is necessary because we only give accounts to registered companies. As soon as one of these credentials changes, your company no longer exists in its previous form and is lawfully registered as a new company. Since we can’t link one Mollie account to two companies we can’t link the transactions of your ‘previous’ company to the current one. 


Company name

If you have a new company name but the same Chamber of Commerce number, please fill out our contact form and provide us with the following information:

We will contact you if and when we change your company name. If you have a new company name with a different Chamber of Commerce number, please make a new account


Can I change other business information?

Yes, other details such as contact details, business address (invoice address), VAT number or the contact person can be changed in your Mollie dashboard under Settings > Organization.


I have made an account, but I haven’t received any transactions

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can change your company details yourself.

  1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings > Organization
  3. Change the information.
  4. Click Save

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