The Subscriptions API is ideal for processing subscription payments. Would you, for instance, like to automatically debit your customer's account for a fixed monthly amount? Then use Subscriptions in combination with our Recurring API.

To create a subscription, you include a number of parameters:

  • amount
  • number of debits (optional)
  • interval
  • starting date
  • description
  • payment method (optional)
  • webhook (optional)


Do you want your consumer to pay a fixed amount at regular intervals? And not have to worry about it anymore? Then integrate the Subscriptions API!

A few examples:

1. Packages

These can, for instance, be groceries delivered to your consumer's home, but also software packages. These days, there is also the option of taking out a subscription for products such as mascara, razor blades and socks.

2. Variable box

The variable box is popular among webshops. Think, for instance, of a box with a selection of the latest cosmetics or hair products. The box' price is fixed, but the number of articles can vary from one month to the next (or other time period).

3. Services

In addition to subscriptions to physical products, there are also large numbers of subscriptions to services. Spotify (music) and Netlix (movies and series) come to mind, but also, for instance, the gym or a diet coach.

4. Rental or lease

The subscriptions API is also suitable for leasing cars or renting out hardware and software.


Do you want to offer your product or service as a subscription but have no idea how to integrate the API? Maybe eCurring can provide a solution. This is an application that allows you to easily create, collect and follow up on subscriptions. The application works with our Recurring API.