How do I make a payment request with Plink?

You can make payment links in a few steps by using Plink. Creating such a payment link is free. You only pay the transaction costs for successful payments and the use of additional Plink features. 


Creating your first payment request with Plink

  1. Log in to Plink with your Mollie credentials and give Plink access to your Mollie account.
  2. Select New payment request
  3. Choose the type of payment request you would like to make:
    • Single payment link
    • Payment link via email
    • Payment link via text (+ € 0,10)
    • Reusable payment link (+ € 0,25)
  • Add a description and the receivable amount.
  • Choose what the payer sees after a succesfull payment: 
    • The default ‘thank you’ screen
    • Toon personal ‘thank you’ message (+ € 0,25)
    • Offer a downloads (+ € 0,75)
    • A redirection to your website (+ € 0,25)


Making a payment request after the first time

  1. Go to your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. On the left, select Create payment request.
  3. Follow the steps on your screen.


Payment requests on your website

When you create a reusable payment link, you choose if you want the payer to enter the payment amount. However, if you put the link on your website, this is not possible. Your customer is not able to enter an amount or description. In addition, you can’t see the contact details of your customer in the transaction. These are only visible in your Mollie account. 


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