Yes, with Mollie you can easily create payment links via Plink, a service created by Mollie.

The basic functionalities of Plink are free, you only pay your Mollie transaction costs for successful payments. If you choose a reusable payment link or a different option than the default thank you message after a successful payment, you will pay extra costs per transaction. 


How does it work?

Log in to Plink with your Mollie account by giving Plink access to your Mollie account.


  • Tap ‘New request’
  • Here you can choose from different options:
    • One-off payment link
    • Payment email
    • Reusable payment link (+ € 0,25)

You add a payment description and the amount to be received. If you use a reusable link, you can also choose to make the amount adjustable, the customer can then enter it himself.

Lastly, select what the customer will see after a successful payment:

  • Show default thank you message
  • Show custom thank you message (+ € 0.25)
  • Offer downloads (+ € 0.75)
  • Redirect to own website (+ € 0.25)

After you have linked Plink to your Mollie account, it is possible to go directly to Plink from your Mollie Dashboard. You can do this by clicking on ‘Create payment request’ in the menu on the left.


Would you like to add a payment link on your website? Here you read how you can do that.