For merchants, PayPal is a relatively expensive payment method, as PayPal charges 3.4% plus fixed costs of €0.35 per transaction. However, these costs are related to the turnover volume and the type of organization. For instance, the costs are lower for a nonprofit organization. More information about these costs can be found on the PayPalwebsite.

If you use the PayPal link via Mollie, you pay €0,10 per transaction. The advantage of this link is that the PayPal transactions are included in the Mollie transactions overview. This way, you can check via Mollie whether your orders have been paid. The link also enables you to export the transactions via all payment methods into your bookkeeping all in one go.

Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow third parties to collect and pay out payments. So you will not receive the payout of transactions via this payment method from Mollie, but from Paypal. You can also create a direct link with PayPal. It will save you €0.10 per transaction, but then you have to enter two different exports into your bookkeeping.