Belfius is one of Belgium's largest banks. It provides its own payment solution to its consumers. This allows consumers to make real-time payments in their trusted online banking environment. The details, such as beneficiary, amount and subscription are filled out beforehand, which eliminates the risk of failed transactions. Payments via Belfius Direct Net are guaranteed and their status is immediately available. This means the payment method is an excellent way of receiving payments from Belgian consumers.

How does it work?

First, the consumer selects Belfius as their payment method and next decides whether they want to pay via mobile (Belfius Mobile) or desktop (Belfius Direct Net). Belfius Mobile works via a QR code. The consumer can pay quickly by scanning the QR code. Has the consumer selected Belfius Direct Net? In that case they will need their box (or reader, scanner) to approve the payment.

Please take note: Belfius Direct Net is only available to Belfius consumers. Consumers holding accounts at other banks can pay via Bancontact, credit card, the KBC payment button or via bank transfer.