At Mollie's, you don't pay any monthly costs, registration costs, or other fixed costs for accepting credit cards. You only pay the costs per transaction.

In our rates for credit-card payments, we distinguish between transactions in and outside of Europe. In addition, there are private and business credit cards. Transactions via European credit cards are cheaper than transactions via credit cards issued outside of Europe. Also, transactions via private credit cards are cheaper than those via business cards.

This boils down to the following rates:

€ 0.25 + 1.8%

European cards, private cards

€ 0.25 + 2.8%

Non-European cards, business cards, and American Express

As you can see in the schedule, the higher rate is also charged for payments via American Express. And yet, our rate is highly competitive: it is even the most competitive rate in the market. In addition to American Express, we also process transactions via Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, but also via Carte Bancaire and V PAY.

Just like with all our payment methods, the costs are charged at the moment that we pay out the outstanding balance. At that moment, we determine which type of credit card the consumers have used, so that we can calculate the transaction costs. The costs are then deducted from the payout.

There is a possibility that the products or services you sell are categorized as products or services with a higher risk. In that case, we may charge you an additional risk premium in addition to the credit-card rates. Examples are, for instance, products with a very long delivery time, or popular, expensive brand items.

Please take note: It is unfortunately not possible to set up your account to only accept transactions against the lower rate. On the other hand, the number of transactions against the higher rate will remain limited if you focus on European consumers.