How can I enter the data from Mollie into my accounting system without a suspense account?

The recommended method for entering Mollie transactions is via a suspense account. However, sometimes the volume is very limited, or the use of a suspense account is not advisable for some other reason. Take the following steps to enter Mollie transactions and costs into your accounting system without a suspense account.

This method replaces Mollie's bundled payouts into your current account with itemized transactions and deducted costs. The disadvantage of this method is that the balance sheet item for your payment account in your accounting system does not reflect the actual situation.

This is similar to processing and itemizing a debtors or direct debit batch.

Use of general ledger numbers

In these examples, the use of a number of (standard) general ledger numbers in your bookkeeping is assumed:

  • 1000 Payment account
  • 1300 Debtors
  • 1400 Creditors
  • 4130 Money transfer costs
  • 8000 Sales revenue

Use the MT940 files per payment

Recording entries without a suspense account is only possible with per-payment MT940 files. The daily or monthly files cannot be used for this purpose. The per-payment files can be found in administration via Payments. Click on the payment's reference, and you will receive an overview of all transactions in the payment. At the bottom of the overview, you will find a link to download the MT940 export.

Enter the statements of your payment account

The first step is to enter all statements from your payment account into your accounting system, with the exception of the Mollie payment. This entry is replaced by the separate transactions in the MT940 file.

Post the MT940 file to your payment account

Import the MT940 file into your payment account, the same way you would the bank statements.

Examples of items

You sell a set of flowerpots to a customer on 26 March. You then send the client a digital invoice. Your client is now a debtor and you post the proceeds of the sale to the appropriate account:

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-26-15 1300 € 100.00   Sales order #1337
03-26-15 8000   € 100.00 Sales order #1337

On 27 March, you debtor pays an invoice in the amount of € 100.00 with iDeal via Mollie. A few days later, Mollie pays you the amount minus transaction costs. The payment is credited to your bank account on the same day.

You now import the bank statement for that day but remove the payment from Mollie. Instead, you import the MT940 file for the Mollie payout. The transactions are removed from Debtors and the transactions costs are added to Creditors (the invoice for the costs follows later).

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-29-15 1000 € 100.00   Order #1337
03-29-15 1300   € 100.00 Order #1337
03-29-15 1400 € 0.45   iDEAL transaction costs
03-29-15 1000   € 0.45 iDEAL transaction costs

Once again, the balance of the payment account in your bookkeeping is the same as the balance of your bank account.

On the first working day of the next month, Mollie sends an invoice. It has already been paid and is entered in the usual way:

Date Account Debit Credit Description
04-01-15 4130 € 0.45   Invoice number 2015.105599
04-01-15 1400   € 0.45 Invoice number 2015.105599


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