Why don't the figures on my invoice match the MT940 exports?

In some cases, it is possible that the amounts you see listed on the invoice or in the report accompanying the invoice do not match the amounts in the MT940 files.

The reason is that the report and the invoice only cover paid out payments. The MT940 files in the monthly and daily reports cover all payments processed in that month or on that day. Whether or not a transaction has been paid out is not taken into consideration.
A good example is credit card. These transactions are paid out with a one-week delay, which is why credit-card payments made during the last week of the month are sometimes not, or not fully included in the invoice for that month. However, these payments are listed in the MT940 file of the daily or monthly report.

If you want MT940 files that exactly match your payouts, please select one MT940 file per payout.

The MT940 files including daily and monthly reports are intended to allow you to maintain a suspense account with Mollie in your accounting system.


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