It is possible to refund credit card transactions until 1 year after the payment was done. It is possible to refund the full amount, but is also possible to only partly refund a transaction, e.g. when the customer has returned part of an order, or when part of the order cannot be delivered.

Please note: a credit card refund cannot be undone.*

We always process refunds on the next working day. A credit card refund process takes longer than other payment methods. Because the transaction needs to be processed via all related credit card systems. The refund will be credited to your consumer's credit card within 14 calendar days.

Be aware, the refund won't be credited to your consumer's bank account, their credit card will be credited. The refund is visible in the consumer's credit card transaction statement.

In this article you can read how to (partly) refund a transaction.

*If you have been informed that your Mollie Dashboard has been upgraded, you are able to cancel a credit card refund. Read more about this here.