How can I check whether a transaction has been refunded to the consumer?

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can check the status of a payment and see whether a payment was refunded or not. 


How does it work?

1. Go to Transactions >> Refunds in your dashboard.

2. Look up the transaction. You can use the filters on the right side of the screen for this (keyword, period and/or payment method).


3. Below ‘Status’ you will see if the payment was refunded or not, and below ‘Amount’ you can see how much you have refunded to the consumer.


4. To check if you have refunded the total amount of a transaction or just a part, you click on the transaction. Here you will see the payment details and will a remaining amount be shown (in case there is).


5. If part of the amount is still outstanding and you would like to refund this as well, you can do this by clicking on the ‘Refund’ button on the top right of the screen. Read more about refunding a transaction here.


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