In December 2014, SEOshop launched a new service in collaboration with Mollie: SEOshop Payments. SEOshop has since decided to continue under the name Lightspeed and the service under the name Lightspeed Payments.

Lightspeed offers an all-inclusive package, where merchants not only purchase a webshop (including hosting etc.) but also a link to payment platform. To this end, Lightspeed has integrated the Mollie platform. So when you sign up with Lightspeed Payments, you also receive a Mollie account. You then use the same platform and payment methods you would have if you had signed up directly with Mollie.

The difference is in the price structure. Lightspeed offers a number of different packages. The costs per transaction are slightly lower than Mollie's, but you do, however, pay a fixed monthly fee. So it is a type of subscription. At Mollie's, you only ever pay the price per transaction. Which option is best for you, you can calculate yourself based on the number of monthly transactions that you receive.

Would you like more information on Lightspeed Payments? Please contact them.