Recent updates to the Mollie User Agreement

We’ve made some changes to our User Agreement that will apply to all our customers. You do not need to take any action. If you continue to use our payment services, the changes will apply to you.

Here’s a summary of what’s changing:

  • We restructured our User Agreement so that it’s easier to read. We introduced new definitions of terms and updated some existing definitions to be clearer.
  • We clarified our two-step onboarding process and the conditions for settling any outstanding balance on your Mollie account.
  • We revised the measures that we can take in cases where a user does not follow the terms stated in the User Agreement.
  • We revised the complaints section. We added more information on customer complaints and the measures we can take in relation to these complaints.
  • We added our Multi-currency Payouts feature to the User Agreement. 
  • We added Mollie Connect, split payments and shifted fees to the User Agreement. 
  • We added Beta Services to the User Agreement. This will be important when we develop new features for Mollie.
  • We added a new section to the Fraud Protection Solution.
  • We extended the notice period to terminate the User Agreement from 1 month to 2 months.


Can I opt out of the updated User Agreement?

We periodically update our User Agreement so that we can continue to provide the best possible service to our customers. If you received an email about the updated User Agreement before 17 June 2022, you can choose to terminate the User Agreement with a 2-month notice period. 

However, if you were notified about the updated User Agreement after 28 September 2022 and you disagree with any of the changes above, you can choose to stop using our payment services before 1 November 2022. By continuing to use our services after this date, you will be bound to the updated User Agreement.


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