Why is a transaction still open after my customer has paid?

The Transaction overview in your Mollie Dashboard lists all the transactions and payments from your customers. If the status of a transaction has not changed, you should check the payment method that the customer used. 

In most cases, a delay can happen because a customer has chosen to pay by bank transfer. Some common issues with bank transfers are:

  • The customer used the wrong payment reference.
  • The wrong payment amount was transferred to Mollie.
  • The customer selected World transfer instead of SEPA bank transfer.

If Mollie cannot link the payment to the correct webshop because of an incorrect reference or amount, we will refund the payment to the customer. They will receive this refund within 2 business days.

After your customer receives their refund, you should ask them to make another bank transfer with the correct payment reference and amount. If they have done so correctly, we will receive the amount within 2-3 days and the transaction status will be updated in your Mollie Dashboard.


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