As a Mollie partner, how do I onboard a customer?

As a member of the Mollie Partner Program, you have 2 ways to onboard your customers:

Onboarding via personal registration link

To use the personal registration link, your Mollie account must be converted into a partner account. If your account has not yet been converted, please reach out to

You can request a personal registration link in your Mollie Dashboard:

  1. Go to Partner > Customers.
  2. On the top right, click Invite

Customers who create a Mollie account via the personal registration link will automatically be linked to your partner account. You can view all the customers who have registered via the link in the partner portal under Customers. The partner portal also contains documentation on the Reseller API and your signed partner agreement.


Onboarding with Connect for Platforms

Connect for Platforms makes it possible for developers to build apps and have customers log in with their Mollie account. You will have to use the OAuth app to activate hosted onboarding in your app. When this is activated, your customers will have to grant permission within the app for you to perform transactions on their behalf. You can use the available permissions to access different endpoints of the Mollie API. If a customer would like to withdraw the permission, they can do so at any time by going to Settings > Authorized apps in their Mollie Dashboard.


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