How do I use the Mollie plugin assistant in Plentymarkets?

Would you like to set up the plugin in Plentymarkets? We'll tell you where you can find it and how you create or change a profile. 


Where do I find the assistent and Mollie plugin configuration in Plentymarkets?


1. Log in to your Plentymarkets account.

2. Navigate to Setup.


3. Select Assistants.


4. Select folders.pluginName and choose your shop, for instance, standard-shop.


5. Select Mollie.


6. Select the existing configuration or add a new configuration by clicking the plus sign (+).



How do I create or change a configuration profile for the Mollie plugin?


1. API Setup

  • Use the dropdown to define whether you want to use the Live or Test API mode.
  • You can find the API key in your Mollie Admin environment.


2. General Settings

  • Activate or deactivate Mollie Components here.
  • Activate or deactivate order notes here.


3. Payment methods

  • Activate or deactivate your Mollie payment methods here.
  • Do the payment methods not appear here? Add them in Mollie Admin first. 


4. Payment methods specifics

  • Here you can select the specific delivery countries for specific payment methods and other settings.


5. Configuration summary

  • Here you can see a summary of your Plentymarkets and Mollie configuration.
  • Click on finalise to save the configuration.




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