How does partial shipping and refunding work in Shopware 6

The Mollie plugin for Shopware 6 has the possibility to partially refund and ship orders, this gives you more control and overview of you inventory. Shipping is very important for payment methods like Klarna Pay Later, and being able to partially ship you can already receive some of the funds of a big order.

Within the Shopware 6 dashboard you go to your Orders overview and select an order with the payment state "In Progress" or "Paid". For more information about Payment States in Shopware 6 you can read this help center article.

As you can see, the order has multiple order lines and multiple products.


As we have the Mollie black t-shirt in stock we will immediately ship these to the consumer. And we will refund one Mollie black t-shirt artistic.


This will result in the following overview of the order in your Shopware 6 store : 


These will be matched and updated in your Mollie account.


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