How do I set up my Shopware 5 shop with the Mollie plugin?

Setting up a shop with Mollie and Shopware can be a bit confusing, especially with all the options that the Mollie payment plugin can give you ! But we are here to help you, in the following article we are going to explain all the settings in the screen below and give you some tips about your setup depending on the payment methods that you use in your Shopware 5 shop.

  1. Select Configuration in the menu of Shopware
  2. Select Plugin Manager in the drop down menu
  3. Within Management select Installed
  4. Select the little pencil to edit the Mollie settings


Here the setup screen of the Mollie plugin is shown an below an explanation is given for all the settings :



API key

This is where you configure the API key to be used for payments through Mollie. You can use separate keys for each subshop if you'd like. You can find the API keys in your Mollie dashboard under website profiles. To use the plugin in test mode, please set the test API key here.


Send payment status mail

Shopware can send send status e-mails for every change in payments. You can turn these e-mails on or off here.


Send refund status mail

Shopware can send an e-mail when the payment is refunded. You can turn this on or off here.


Automatically reset stock on failed payment

Don't use this setting in combination with another plugin that handles your stock (for example Pickware). This setting is meant for shops where Shopware itself, without any plugins, handles the inventory. When turned on and a payment fails, the capture on the stock is automatically reset.


Only create orders at Mollie for Klarna

Mollie has two APIs for creating payments, the Payments API and the Orders API. The Orders API is only required for Klarna payments, because Klarna requires more information about the order. You can choose whether you'd like to sync your orders in full detail with Mollie just for orders paid with Klarna  or for all orders paid through Mollie.


Order status for shipped orders

When an order is paid with Klarna, the order has to be marked as shipped at Mollie. When the order is shipped, Klarna will ask the customer to pay for their received goods. You can here choose which status the order in Shopware gets after being shipped. Don't use this setting if another plugin (for instance Pickware) handles your shipments.


Choose the transaction number that is visible on orders

Mollie has transaction numbers like ord_12u4kwe1 or tr_n1ad124i. Some payment methods have their own transaction numbers, for instance Paypal. You can choose here which transaction number you'd like to store on and order in Shopware in these cases.


Take over order statuses from Mollie

You can choose here whether to take over the status of orders in the Mollie dashboard in Shopware. This is for very specific setups only, most merchants choose No here.


Cancel failed orders automatically

This setting is related to creating an order before finishing the payment (see below). When creating the order before finishing the payment, the order exists whether the payment went through or not. In these cases, you might like the order to be canceled automatically if the payment fails.


Enable credit card components

Here you can enable Mollie's credit card components, which enables a form in the checkout where a customer can fill out it's credit card details right in the checkout process. Read more about the credit card components here:


Enable styling for credit card components

When using the default theme of Shopware, you can choose to enable styling of the credit card components here. If you've installed custom theme, please ask the creator of this theme, or your agency, to style Mollie components to your liking



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