What are the conditions for accepting credit and debit card payments?

Our acceptance policy is slightly stricter for credit and debit card payments than it is for most other payment methods. This is because of the risks involved in accepting these types of payments.

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can make a request to activate credit and debit cards as a payment method. Before we can activate this for you, we must review your website to check for the following criteria:

  • The products or services that you offer suit this payment method.
  • Your website is complete and ready for use.
  • Shipping times and prices are clearly listed.
  • Your returns and refunds policy are accessible.
  • Contact details are available to customers, including a contact form, email address or phone number.

If any of these criteria are not met, we will contact you to add this information to your website. We will review your application for the payment method again when you have made the necessary changes.


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