Salesforce: Diagnose issues

Compare Mollie and Salesforce Commerce Cloud statuses


Read Understand Mollie statuses for an overview of how Mollie statuses are related to Salesforce Commerce Cloud statuses, and how communication between Mollie and Salesforce Commerce Cloud takes place.

If the statuses don't match, check whether payments are processing properly.

Check Mollie webhook notifications

The Mollie plugin stores webhook notifications in a dedicated web service log file↗.

Mollie for Salesforce includes a job for recovering from update failures.

If a webhook notification states that a webhook was unsuccessful, check whether payments are processing properly.

Check the log files

All Mollie-specific debug and informational messages, as well as warnings and errors, are logged in the "mollie" custom log↗. You can change the log file's name in the Log category field in Salesforce Business Manager under Merchant Tools > Mollie > Mollie General Settings.

To get the custom Mollie and Salesforce Commerce Cloud log files, follow the Salesforce Business Manager access log files procedure↗.

The information provided in the logs should help you to understand which troubleshooting steps to take. We recommend that you share the log files with us whenever you contact support for assistance.

Check the release notes


Before updating Mollie for Salesforce, review Mollie for Salesforce release notes to ensure compatibility with your version of Salesforce Commerce Cloud or third-party plugins.

Check the API keys

To verify that the API keys are correct, follow the steps given in Connect to Mollie.