Magento 2: Install and connect

What you need to do in advance


  1. Connect to your Magento 2 environment, for example using SSH↗.

  2. Navigate to the root directory of your Magento 2 store and install Mollie for Magento 2:

    composer require mollie/magento2
  3. Activate Mollie for Magento 2:

    php bin/magento module:enable Mollie_Payment
  4. Optional: Verify that Mollie for Magento 2 installed properly:

    php bin/magento module:status Mollie_Payment
  5. Set up Mollie for Magento 2 in your Magento 2 environment:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Clear the cache:

    php bin/magento cache:clean


For more information on installing extensions, see the Magento 2 installation guide↗.


  1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.

  2. Important

    To comply with UK regulations, UK-based merchants have to select a UK-registered organisation to ensure that they use the correct API keys.

  3. Go to More > Developers > API keys.

  4. Copy the API keys.

  5. Log in to Magento 2.

  6. Go to Stores > Configuration.

  7. Expand the Mollie section in the left sidebar, and select General.

  8. Expand the Version section, and select Yes from the Enabled drop-down menu.

  9. Expand the API details section, and select Test from the Modus drop-down menu.

    We recommend enabling test mode until you are sure that everything works as you expect.

  10. Paste the test API key in its field.

  11. Select Test API key to ensure that your API key is correct.

  12. Save the changes.