WooCommerce: Solve common problems

Restore the connection

The last four items are system administrator tasks.

  • Ensure that your Mollie API keys are correct.

  • Ensure that external connections to https://api.mollie.com are not blocked by a site- or server firewall.

  • Ensure that SSL v3 is disabled on your server.

  • Ensure your server is up to date and that the latest security patches have been installed.

  • If applicable, ask the organisation hosting your server to send a cURL request to port 443 on api.mollie.com via PHP.

Activate payment methods


If payment methods are unavailable on the Mollie Settings page, this usually has one of the following causes:

  • Syncing with your Mollie account has failed. You can solve this by clicking refresh.

    Location of refresh link on Mollie settings page
  • Some payment methods only become available after your Mollie account has been approved.

    If your account has been approved but there are still payment methods missing in your Mollie Dashboard, contact support.

  1. Log in to WooCommerce.

  2. Go to Settings > Website profiles.

  3. Click Payment methods under the website profile.

  4. Use the toggles to activate your payment methods.

    A blue toggle indicates that the payment method is active. A yellow toggle indicates that it's pending Mollie's approval.

After activating your payment methods, you can add them to your checkout.

Enable debugging

  1. Log in to WooCommerce.

  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings.

  3. Select the Mollie Settings tab.

  4. Scroll down to Debug log and select the checkbox.

  5. Save the changes.

Reactivate the plugin

  1. Log in to WooCommerce.

  2. Click My Sites

  3. Click the name of the relevant network site.

  4. Click Plugins.

  5. Scroll down to Mollie for WooCommerce and click Deactivate.

  6. Click Reactivate.

Reinstall the plugin

  1. Log in to WooCommerce.

  2. Go to My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins.

  3. Scroll down to Mollie for WooCommerce and click Delete.

    If the Delete option is unavailable, Mollie for WooCommerce is still active in the settings of at least one of your network sites.

  4. Reinstall Mollie for WooCommerce.

Change your Mollie for WooCommerce version

There may be conflicts between Mollie for WooCommerce and third-party plugins. Try changing your version of Mollie for WooCommerce to an earlier or later release to solve the issue.

Contact support


Mollie can only provide support for its plugin when it runs using the default code provided in the source files.