Migrate to Mollie for Lightspeed eCom

Mollie for Lightspeed eCom replaces the following apps:

  • Lightspeed Payments by Mollie

  • Mollie Shipments.

Mollie for Lightspeed eCom offers more payment methods than Lightspeed Payments by Mollie, and is fully compatible with Lightspeed eCom shipments.

To migrate to Mollie for Lightspeed eCom, follow this guide.

Set up Mollie for Lightspeed eCom

Start by setting up the new Mollie app.

You can now start accepting payments through the new app.

Deactivate the old apps

When you switch to Mollie for Lightspeed eCom, keep in mind that you may still need to manage orders placed through the old apps. For example, to issue a refund or to mark a Klarna payment as shipped. To do this, you must keep the old apps enabled and remove duplicate payment methods from your checkout.

  • In general, refunds are issued within 60 days of purchase. We therefore advise that you keep Lightspeed Payments by Mollie enabled for 60 days after going live with the new app.

  • Klarna orders require confirmation of shipment within 30 days. If you used Mollie Shipments, we advise that you keep it enabled for at least 30 days after going live with the new app.

You can deactivate Lightspeed Payments by Mollie and Mollie Shipments when you no longer need to access orders that were placed through them.

Remove duplicate payment methods from your checkout

If you still have Lightspeed Payments by Mollie enabled, your checkout displays two sets of payment methods. Payment methods from Lightspeed Payments by Mollie appear at the top of the list for customers to select. If you deactivate the payment methods in Lightspeed Payments by Mollie, your checkout only displays the payment methods active in Mollie for Lightspeed eCom.

  1. Log in to Lightspeed eCom and go to Settings > Payment providers.

  2. Select Mollie.

  3. Ensure that the Activate this payment provider toggle is switched on and that the API key field contains your live Mollie API key.

  4. To deactivate the payment methods, switch off the toggles next to each active payment method.

Your checkout now only processes payments through the new app, and you can still issue refunds for orders placed through the old app.