Lightspeed eCom: Add a payment surcharge


Check your local legislation before adding a payment surcharge.

Add a fixed surcharge

  1. Log in to Lightspeed eCom.

  2. Go to Apps > Purchased apps.

  3. Expand Mollie for Lightspeed eCom and select Go to app to open the General settings page.

  4. Select Payment methods settings in the left navigation menu.

  5. Select the context for which you want to change the settings for the payment method from the drop-down menu:

    • Default settings: Configure the default settings.

    • [country]: Configure the settings for a specific country.

  6. Select Manage settings next to the payment method that you want to configure.

  7. Switch on the Apply a payment fee toggle.

  8. Enter the amount of the payment fee including VAT in the Fixed field.

  9. Enter the VAT percentage in the Payment fee VAT% field.

  10. Save the changes.