WiX: Add payment methods to your checkout

What you need to do in advance

    Connect a payment method to Mollie

    1. Log in to WiX.

    2. Ensure that the Your business location on the top-right of the Accept payments page is set to a country where Mollie is available↗.

    3. Go to Settings > Accept payments.

    4. Click See more payment options.

    5. Scroll down to the relevant payment method marked with Provided by Mollie.


      WiX offers certain payment methods through multiple providers. Click See options to find the payment method provided by Mollie.

    6. Click Connect.

    7. Copy an API key from your Mollie account to the API key field.

      The API keys are located in your Mollie Dashboard under Developers > API keys.

      • If you want to operate Mollie in test mode, copy the test API key.

      • If you want to operate Mollie in live mode, copy the live API key.

    8. Copy the Mollie website profile id of your site to the Profile id field.

      The Mollie website profile id is located in your Mollie Dashboard under Settings > Website profiles.

    9. Click Connect.

      A Mollie is connected notification appears.

    10. To view all the payment methods that Mollie provides, click Manage on the payment method that you just connected.

    11. To connect another payment method, turn on its toggle.