Shopware 6 Plugin: Ship orders


Manually mark orders as shipped

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-orders.png Orders > Overview.

  3. Select the icon-context-menu-button.png context menu button on the order that you want to mark as shipped and select View.

  4. Go to Items.

  5. Select the icon-expander.png expander icon on the Mollie actions button and select Ship through Mollie.

  6. Select the items that you want to ship.

  7. Optional: Change the quantity of each item that you want to ship.

  8. Optional: To attach tracking details to the Mollie shipment, select the Add tracking info for this shipment toggle. If available, the tracking code is pre-filled. If not, fill one in manually.

  9. Select Ship.

Automatically mark orders as shipped


  • You can automatically mark orders as shipped using the Shopware 6 Flow Builder.

  • You can only mark whole orders as shipped.

  • If available, the tracking code is automatically included in the shipping information.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-extensions.png Extensions > My extensions.

  3. Open the Mollie Payments Icon containing three horizontal dots that usually opens a menu when clicked menu, and select Configure.

  4. Go to the Order management section and switch on the Automatic shipping toggle.

  5. Save the changes.