Shopware 6 Plugin: Set up vouchers

If you operate in Belgium or France, you can let customers pay with eco, gift, or meal vouchers. When customers choose to pay with a voucher, they're redirected to the Mollie Checkout where they can enter their voucher code. If the cart exceeds the amount available on the voucher, customers can choose another payment method to complete the payment.


If your customer paid with a voucher and another payment method, Shopware 6 only shows that a voucher was used to pay for the order. For more details on the payment methods used, open the order in your Mollie Dashboard.

What you need to do in advance

Add vouchers to products

Customers can only pay with a voucher if their cart contains a product that accepts vouchers.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-regular-products.png Catalogues > Products.

  3. Open the icon-context-menu-button.png context menu of the product or variant that you want to offer with vouchers and select Edit.

  4. Select the Mollie tab.

  5. Go to Voucher.

  6. Select a voucher type for the product from the Voucher type of product drop-down menu.

  7. Save the changes.

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