PrestaShop: Install and connect

What you need to do in advance


  1. Go to the PrestaShop marketplace↗ and download the Mollie for PrestaShop module.


    The marketplace offers the latest version. For other versions, see the Mollie for PrestaShop release page↗.

  2. Log in to your PrestaShop Dashboard and select Modules > Module Manager in the left navigation menu.

  3. Select Upload a module.

  4. Drag-and-drop the previously downloaded zip file into the Upload a module dialog, or select the file from your device.

  5. After the module is installed, select Configure .

Localise your Mollie for PrestaShop labels

You can fine tune your Mollie for PrestaShop installation by localising its user interface in your PrestaShop Dashboard.

  1. Log in to PrestaShop.

  2. In the left navigation menu, select International > Translations.

    This opens the Translations configuration page.

  3. Select Installed modules translations from the Type of translation drop-down menu.

  4. Search for and select Mollie from the Select your module drop-down menu.

  5. Select the language, and select Modify from the Select your language drop-down menu.

    This opens the translations for Mollie for PrestaShop.

  6. Scroll down to Language service, and select it to expand the list of translations.

  7. Translate the payment methods as needed.

  8. Select Save and stay to save your changes and stay in the module translations, or Save to save your changes and go back to the Translations configuration page.


  1. Log in to PrestaShop.

  2. In the left navigation menu, select Mollie > Settings.

  3. Under the API Key Test field, select Mollie account to go to your Mollie account.

  4. If necessary, log in to your Mollie account.

  5. Important

    To comply with UK regulations, UK-based merchants have to select a UK-registered organisation to ensure that they use the correct API keys.

  6. Copy the API keys.

  7. Return to your PrestaShop dashboard and paste the keys into their respective fields.

  8. Optional: Select Test from the Environment drop-down menu.

    We recommend enabling test mode until you are sure that everything works as you expect.

  9. Save the changes.