Salesforce: Send payment requests

What you need to do in advance

  • Ensure that the relevant Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer service roles have been assigned the Request payment link order permission.

Send a payment link


  • If a payment request has been sent for an order, you can find the link in Salesforce Business Manager under Merchant Tools > Ordering > Orders > [order number] > Payment > Mollie payment link.

  • You can only send payment requests for orders that have the status "Open", " New", "Canceled", or "Failed".

  1. Log in to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

  2. Open Select a site, and select a site from the list.

  3. Go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Customer Service Center.

  4. Find the order and open it.

  5. Select Request payment link from the More drop-down menu.

  6. Select Send to send the payment request.