Salesforce: Customise payment descriptions


You can only change the payment description for payment methods that use the Payments API.




The Salesforce Commerce Cloud order number (dw.order.Order.orderNo)


The name of the site listed in Salesforce Business Manager under Administration > Sites > Manage Sites


The customer order reference (dw.order.Order.customerOrderReference)


The billing address first name (dw.order.OrderAddress.firstName)


The billing address last name (dw.order.OrderAddress.lastName)

The billing address company (dw.order.OrderAddress.companyName)

To change the payment description, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

  2. Open Select a site, and select a site from the list.

  3. Go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment methods.

  4. Select the payment method's ID.

  5. Select HITML editor under the Description field.

  6. In the editor, combine free text and the variables to create a description.

    For example, to render:

    Casey Doe bought order #123456 at

    combine the following text and variables:

    {customer.firstname} {customer.lastname} bought order #{orderNumber} at {}

  7. Select Apply.

Once an order has been paid for, you can find the description in Salesforce Business Manager under Merchant Tools > Ordering > Orders > [order number] > Payment > Mollie payment description.