Can I use Mollie to accept donations?

Yes, you can use our services to collect donations by integrating our Mollie APIs or installing our Wordpress plug-in for donations.


Donations via Mollie APIs

You can also directly integrate our API into your website to collect donations. Our Subscriptions API can be used to set up recurring payments.


Wordpress donations plug-in

You can use the donations plug-in for Wordpress

  • Donors can enter their name and address particulars.
  • You can list several projects, allowing donors to choose which project they want to make a donation to.
  • You can select which particulars donors have to fill out when making their donation.
  • You can set up your own "Thank you" page.
  • You can list standard amounts or leave it up to the donor.
  • You can create your own form layout.

You can accept one-off donations or use the plug-in with our Subscriptions API to set up payments via credit card or SEPA Direct Debit that repeat monthly, quarterly or yearly.



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